Three students looking at a laptop outside.

About CCI

UNC-Chapel Hill created the Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI) to ensure Carolina students, faculty and staff have easy access to high-quality and affordable technology. The program pairs technology at deeper discounts than standard educational pricing or employee discount programs with unparalleled tech support. The core of this initiative is that undergraduate students at UNC meet the University’s laptop requirement.

CCI laptop packages are all inclusive, including a warranty with accidental damage and insurance coverage. CCI laptop packages are also backed by award-winning technology support staff and the highest level of support available.

Laptop grants are University funds that cover the cost of a CCI package based on a first-year student’s demonstrated need. If you are enrolling in Carolina for the first time with no previous bachelor’s degree, are eligible for and have applied for financial aid by the deadline, you can be awarded a laptop grant!

To apply, you must complete the CSS profile by the financial aid deadline. The CSS profile is is a financial aid application separate from FAFSA and is the only way to be considered for a laptop grant.

If you qualify for the grant, you will be notified in ConnectCarolina(checklist) by late April or after being admitted. You will be given a credit that is only valid at the UNC Student Stores Tech Shop and only applicable to the purchase of one of the standard CCI laptop packages. The CCI laptop grant entirely covers the cost of Lenovo ThinkPad L13 laptop package.

Fall laptop grants expire on October 15 of the year they were awarded. Once expired, laptop grants cannot be reinstated. (Contact ITS Service Desk for Spring grant information)

Laptop grants help every first-year student with demonstrated financial need. Many qualify for a full grant — a free* CCI laptop package!

  • (CCI Laptop Grant Award Agreement Terms & Conditions apply)

Preloaded software

Your CCI laptop comes preloaded with premium software packages customized for your time at UNC, including the best available edition of Microsoft Office. All student CCI configurations include the following software:


  • Operating System:
    • Windows 11 Enterprise Edition
  • Other Products:
    • Mozilla Firefox
  • Undergraduate Load:
    • Microsoft Office 2019
    • Carolina Print Hub Driver
  • Faculty and Staff Load:
    • Cisco VPN
    • Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection
    • Microsoft 365


  • Apple Products:
    • macOS
    • iLife
    • iWork
  • Other Products:
    • Microsoft Office 2019
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Carolina Print Hub Driver

Insurance & warranty

CCI Protection Plan

Your CCI purchase, includes a comprehensive protection plan provided by Safeware. This protection plan exceeds the coverage available under standard homeowners insurance and manufacturer’s warranty. The policy includes a low $100 deductible per incident.

Safeware covers theft, accidental damage (Apple laptops only) and damage from a power surge, fire or natural disaster while in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. If you are traveling outside of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, you MUST purchase the additional international rider policy coverage from Safeware.

For Lenovo ThinkPads, the CCI protection plan combines accidental damage coverage from Lenovo (called ADP, Accidental Damage Protection) and theft coverage from Safeware. Accidental damage (ADP) claims filed also require the $100 fee.

For Apple laptops, in addition to the one year AppleCare limited warranty, Safeware provides all the remaining device hardware coverage. This includes regular warranty after the first year of Applecare limited and nearly all accidental damage occurrences. Safeware provides more comprehensive coverage allowing for more incidents with only the $100 deductible due per incident.

A ThinkPad and Macbook with a screwdriver and wrench icon above them.


Your CCI computer comes with a special on-site warranty that covers faulty parts and workmanship. The base warranty does not cover theft, accidental damage (must have ADP and/or Safeware coverage), cosmetic damage or damage from a power surge or natural disaster.

When making your purchase, you can choose a three-year or four-year warranty. If you are a first-year student with a laptop grant, your award covers a full four-year warranty package.

For complete warranty coverage details, visit Lenovo Warranty Information or Apple’s AppleCare Information.

Batteries are covered by a separate one or three-year warranty (batteries are not covered under accidental damage).