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You can order a CCI computer online through the CCI website or by going in to the Tech Shop in UNC’s Student Stores.
Yes, you can add additional memory at the time you place your CCI order. However, all other hardware specs cannot be changed at the time of order.
Please visit our Preloaded Software page for a list of software that comes on CCI model computers.
Many times you will be able to pick up the computer on the same day. However, if the CCI computer model you pick is not in stock it may take 2 to 3 weeks for your computer to arrive.
Yes, as a retired faculty or staff member you can purchase one CCI computer per year through the UNC Student Stores.
Customers have 5 business days to contact the Service Desk or Tech Shop about their desire to return CCI computers purchased through the Tech Shop. The computer must then be received promptly. All returns must be in original condition in original packaging (i.e. box and all packing materials) along with all materials that came with it (brochures, disks, power supply, battery, etc.).

Warranty & Repair

Your CCI computer warranty covers such things as faulty parts and workmanship.For more information please visit our Insurance and Warranty page. Note: Laptop batteries come with a one-year warranty.
A broken laptop screen, spill damage and any other damage considered to be a result of misuse, rather than the result of faulty parts or workmanship are not covered by your warranty. In addition, the warranty does not cover forgotten hard drive passwords and power-on passwords. These passwords, set at your discretion, cannot be recovered if forgotten.
ThinkPad Protection is Accidental Damage Service and provides repairs and a replacement (if needed) for damage resulting from drops and spills.Please visit Lenovo’s webpage on ThinkPad Protection.
When on campus repair is needed, faculty and staff may submit a service request at call 962-HELP for assistance. A technician will come out to your on-campus location to diagnose and repair your computer.When away from campus, if your computer will not work, for whatever reason: Call 919-962-HELP. Our help desk will assist you in diagnosing the issue and determine if it needs to be sent in for repairs.If it is determined that your computer needs a hardware repair then you have two choices.
1. Contact Lenovo to find an authorized Lenovo service provider in your area. Lenovo can be contacted at their hardware support number (1-800-426-7378) or their website ( Apple to find an authorized Apple service provider in your area. Apple can be contacted that their hardware support number (1-800-692-7753) or their website (

2. You can bring your computer to one of the ITS Service desk’s. For hour and location see here.

3. You can mail or ship your computer to:
UNC Computer Repair Center(CRC)
111 Airport Dr.
CB 1120
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

If we are going to ship the computer back to you, a personal check made out to ITS must be included. Please leave the note section blank so we can add your ticket number to the check.
Shipping fees:
Within NC – $25
Outside of NC – $30

Please include your name and PID in the package. Also include a description of the issues you are having. It would be a good idea to backup your data in case a hard drive replacement or reimage needs to be done.

We highly recommend that you insure your laptop during shipping. Your insurance and accidental damage coverage do not cover the laptop while during shipping.