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New CCI computer setup

New CCI computers ship with a customized software configuration developed at UNC. When a new computer is powered on for the first time it will present a series of menu options required to complete the setup process. This process can take an average of 10-15 minutes to complete.

The first and most important menu choice is to select the type of user that will receive the computer. This determines which software configuration to apply. The options are Undergraduate Student, Graduate/Professional Student, Staff and Faculty.

Menu selection

Some menu options have a secondary choice. The Undergraduate Student menu option will allow for a standard and an orientation configuration. The orientation configuration is intended to be used by University ITS employees and is password protected. If the Staff configuration is selected an option to join the University Active Directory domain will be available. This requires an account with special domain joining permissions and a campus network connection.

Once the menu selections have been made a confirmation screen will appear.

When the software configuration has completed an option to reboot or shutdown will become available.

The next time the computer is powered on it will enter one of three states.

1. If the computer was setup for Staff and joined to the domain it will boot to a login screen.
2. If the computer was setup for Undergraduate Student orientation it will boot to a Windows desktop.
3. All other options will boot to the Windows Welcome setup process. This process allows the end user to setup Windows configuration options and create a local user account.